Lidoderm Patch Information and Cost

Lidoderm PatchLidoderm is a local anesthetic that is used to relieve pain associated with shingles. When you are in pain your nerves transmit impulses to your brain to let it know. You brain will then tell your body and you will feel the pain. Lidoderm patch stops those transmissions from taking place. Please read over the ingredients before you start using this product. If you are allergic to any of them, don’t use it.

There are some medical conditions that may have a negative interaction with Lidoderm patch. If you have any of the following medication conditions let your doctor know:

  • Pregnant or breast feeding
  • Taking any prescription or non prescription medication. This includes supplements and herbal remedies
  • Food allergies
  • Medication allergies
  • Kidney, heart or liver problems
  • If your health isn’t in the greatest condition
  • If you are taking a medicine that contains anesthetic

Some medicines will have a negative interaction with the Lidoderm patch. That’s it is very important you let your doctor know if you are taking any other medications. Some of the medications you need to make your doctor aware of include beta blockers, cimetidine, local anesthetics and antiarrhythmics. This is not a complete list of all the medications that can potentially have a negative interaction with this patch.

That’s why it is best to tell your doctor about any and all medications you are currently taking. Always check with your doctor before you stop taking or change the way you are taking any medication.

Lidoderm Patch Cost

Now the million dollar question is how much does this patch cost? I must say, this patch is a little on the expensive side. It will cost you around $200. This cost is based on the average wholesale price which is also the suggested selling price. This price is not necessarily the price you would pay for the patch. This is basically the price your insurance company will use to determine how much they should reimburse you.

Please know not all insurance companies or all insurance plans cover the cost of the Lidoderm patch. In some cases you will be responsible for paying the entire cost on your own. Speak with your insurance company first to see if they cover it or at least pay some of it.

Safety Information To Keep In Mind

The Lidoderm patch is a topical medication that should only be used externally. Avoid getting it in your nose, mouth or eyes. If by chance it does come in contact with any of those areas, rinse it off immediately with cool water. When using the patch you may experience some side effects such as dizziness and trouble with your vision. These side effects can be worse if you are also using alcohol or taking other medications.

Use this patch with caution. Do not drive, operate heavy machinery or do any unsafe tasks until you know how your body will respond to the patch. If you go to the emergency room or you plan on having some dental care done, make sure you let the doctor know you are using the Lidoderm patch before any procedures are done.

There will be a numbing effect in the area where you place the Lidoderm patch. Never scratch or run the area. You should also not expose to it to the outside elements. Let the numbness go away before you do anything to it. Only use the amount that is prescribed for the amount of time prescribed. Take more will not make the pain go away faster. Instead it will increase your risk for side effects.

If chewed or swallowed head to the emergency room immediately. It can cause serious harm if not dealt with quickly. Never place a source of heat such as a heating pad on top of the patch. This will increase the risk of side effects developing. If you are elderly and using the Lidoderm patch, be very careful. You may be more sensitive to the side effects.

If you have a child using the patch, make sure you monitor them at all times. Children can be extremely sensitive to the effects of the patch. There is also no proof the patch is safe or effective when used on children. Last but not least, if you are pregnant or breast feeding, make sure you let your doctor know upfront. There are some risks associated with using the patch while pregnant. You need to know those before you start using it. Make sure you find out what risk it poses to your baby. And while there are benefits to using the Lidoderm patch, it won’t be worth it if it hurts your little one.

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